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Francesca Love Artist

Sacred Symbiosis - Limited Edition Print 💜

Sacred Symbiosis - Limited Edition Print 💜

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Loved for the fruits of its labor, the bee is probably the most tenacious and methodical spirit animal in existence!

They are small in size, but so important for pollination. Bees pollinate about 70% + of the worlds nutritional supply!

The bee symbolizes dedication, teamwork, generosity, prosperity, and fertility. And bees generally serve as a symbol of rejuvenation and divinity in many cultures.

The bee has much to teach us about hard work, cooperation, and enjoying the sweetness of life. They remind us to focus on goals and to keep working hard. Anything is possible when you stay on track!

This piece encompasses the symbiotic relationship of the bee and the flower and how their relationship brings benefits to each other.

The bee is overlaying the Seed of Life and you can see how its body fits so perfectly! Which is then connected to the Flower of Life and the hexagonal honey comb pattern that shows us that all life is connected and is made from the same blueprint.

The hexagonal shape of the honeycomb is also the most efficient shape in our world. This pattern allows for the cells to be packed with no empty space in between.

Bees are sign to us a that even the smallest creatures can have a big impact.
Let’s remember our inner power and find our highest potential ✨


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Limited Edition Print of 99 

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