Francesca Roxanne McHugh (aka Francesca Love Artist) is an artist who creates paintings to spread positivity and love worldwide. Her work is extremely diverse, as the artist is always open to exploring different techniques and styles. She’s inspired by nature, the beauty of animals and ancient wisdom. Francesca was born and raised in East London and she’s been pursuing her passion professionally since 2012, when she decided to take a leap and make art her full-time commitment. 

Francesca has always possessed a natural inclination towards fine arts, and she further honed her abilities through in-depth studies. She obtained a National Diploma in Art and Design, focusing particularly on sacred geometry and Mandalas. Francesca is a very spiritual person, and this is heavily reflected in her works and lifestyle. In fact, she approaches her visual works in a very holistic way, conceptually, combining her spirituality with her artistic output and beyond.

Her paintings are not merely beautiful art objects or ornamental works. Francesca goes to great lengths in order to create compelling pieces with the purpose of channeling positive energy. Francesca’s vision is deeply rooted in the ancestral magical powers of nature, helping viewers rediscover their connection with ancient wisdom, which we often overlook in our busy and stressful modern lives. Such a broad range of influences and concepts allow Francesca to endow her paintings with balance, energy and emotional strength. In addition, she also uses colors to convey deeper meetings, and add even more layers to her works. Different colors can indeed evoke distinct feelings and messages, shaping the personality of a given piece.

As an artist, Francesca is incredibly versatile and kaleidoscopic, often incorporating different techniques into her paintings. Many of her creations blend organic forms like animals and plants with intricate cosmic patterns, creating visually dynamic pieces with a much deeper meaning at their core.

Sacred geometry has the power to transport the viewers to a dimension of love, empathy and understanding, offering a deeper connection with all there is, all that was, and all that will ever be. This greater state of consciousness is the source of a deeper expression of love, something in Francesca really hopes to transmit with her stunning visual aesthetics.

Francesca is currently based in Ibiza, Spain and also has other interests apart from painting. She loves to dance, practice meditation and yoga, as well as creating live art at events and festivals. In addition, she also designs eco-friendly yoga mats and tapestries, as well as offering a mindfulness coloring book and an online drawing course. Francesca also enjoys creating sacred geometry sculptures. She has a very diverse channel on YouTube. Her videos explore a wide variety of topics, including art, mindfulness, yoga, and so much more.

Francesca strongly believes in the healing power of art, which could be a powerful way to channel love and empathy, helping people along in their journey to feel more grounded and confident. Ultimately, her biggest hope is to one day be able to see a brighter tomorrow for everyone - A new earth, where  compassion, and understandingare at the forefront of everyone’s lives. It is extremely refreshing to witness artists who bring such a positive perspective to the table, especially at this unprecedented time of tension and uncertainty we’re going through in the world. Whether it’s through painting, yoga, or mindfulness, her work celebrates the beauty of nature, the timeless wisdom of the universe and above all, love.