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Francesca Love Artist

Namaste - The Cosmic Leopards 💜 Original Piece

Namaste - The Cosmic Leopards 💜 Original Piece

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Leopards are the smallest of the big cats in the animal kingdom, but they are actually the strongest by body weight and can drag prey that’s three-times their body weight up a tree! 

Unlike lions who gather in packs, the leopard is a loner who is hardly seen.

Leopards symbolize strength, confidence, power, elusiveness, intelligence, self-reliance and authenticity.

Also the ancient Egyptians regarded Leopard as a sign of Divinity and a symbol of regeneration.

These two Cosmic leopards are staring intently into each others eyes.. seeing the divine being that is present within the other!
Co-creating the mandala between them with the universe and the seed of life in the center of it all! Bringing new beginnings and endless possibilities ✨

May this Inspire you to appreciate your gifts and empower yourself 💜

Acrylic on canvas, 89x130cm

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