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Francesca Love Artist

Original - Cosmic Pollination ✨

Original - Cosmic Pollination ✨

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Cosmic Pollination Between the flower and the butterfly!

The beautiful relationship of the flower and the butterfly is one that is beneficial to both.. The Butterfly obtains nectar from the flower and in the process picks up pollen grains. When they visit the next flower, some of the pollen grains get transferred, thus resulting in pollination.

I had a funny thought! What if we are all just pollinating each others minds?

Butterflies know the beauty of change..
being a symbol of transformation, rebirth and personal power the butterfly brings good luck!
And so may this pollinate your mind to fertilize some new powerful seeds of thought. Allowing your wings to carry you forward 🦋

Acrylic on canvas, 60x60cm 💜

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