The Benefits of Colouring In…

Sacred Geometry colouring book

The Benefits of Colouring In…

Did you ever colour in a colouring book when you was a kid? Well when you colour you get transported back to those happy stress free days of childhood, by going back to those lovely memories it help your relax and feel energetic and optimistic for the future.

It has been proven by several scientific studies that by colouring repetitive geometric patterns you are able to experience a meditative state and reach pure mindfulness.

Colouring activates both parts of the cerebral hemispheres – the left and right side of the brain! Psychologist Gloria Martines Ayala found that the action of colouring involves both logic and creativity therefore activating both the left and right side of the brain putting them in sync.

Carl Jung was one of the first scientists to studied the therapeutic benefits of colouring mandalas. He found that is it helped his patients become much calmer and witness less stress.

Colouring books are ideal for all people but especially those battling health issues like epilepsy. There have been many accounts of people having reduced limitations due to using colouring books.

We can reach a state of meditation through colouring! I know a lot of people these days find it very difficult to get into a meditative state, are you one of them? If so why not give colouring a go to help you relax and de-stress. I know it really helped me a lot on my journey.



I made this Transformational Sacred Geometry Colouring book for you to receive ultimate healing, alignment and transformation.

You can get a copy of it here.

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