Beginner Sacred Geometry Drawing Course

In this Mini course you will discover what Sacred Geometry is and learn how to draw some of its most basic patterns. I will be guiding you through each lesson starting with the Vesica Piscis and leading up to Metatrons Cube!


But what excatly is Sacred Geometry?

It is perfect shapes and patterns that exist all around us that form the fundamental templates for life in the universe!

Sacred Geomertry is considered an ancient science that explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things and reveals the precise way that the energy of creation organizes itself.


What you will receive in this mini course:

⭐️ 5 Drawing Videos
⭐️ 1 Sacred Geometry Presentation
⭐️ My tips
⭐️ Invitation to join Facebook Sacred Geometry Drawing Community
to discuss and share your creations.
⭐️ Weekly Live with me answering questions, speaking on different topics and symbols


  • Sacred Geometry Introduction
  • Equipment you will need!
  • What compass is best?
  • Lets practice our circles!

Sacred Geometry Drawing Lessons

  • The Vesica Piscis
  • The Seed of Life
  • The Star Tetrahedron/Merkaba
  • The Flower Of Life
  • The Fruit of Life and Metatron’s Cube
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