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So here we have a small golden Star Tetrahedron right in the centre of this piece which is a symbol of our Merkaba and our energy body then we have a spiral spiraling outwards that means the regeneration and grow of ourselves overall! It then flourishes into the big golden 12 pointed star which is a symbol of our 12 stranded DNA that we are receiving back also there are some crop circle symbols of DNA which adds great power too! May it fuel your DNA upgrade in the best way possible and bring you pure health always, full lightbody activation, eternal and immortal life, any power, skill or gift you chose for the highest good of all… One love 🙂

THIS IS A POWERFUL ENERGETIC PIECE OF ART MADE WITH LOTS OF LOVE… It harmonises any environment you put it in! It provides such a powerful energy and optimism which helps to eliminate stress. It has an influence on a deeper level of your consciousness to uplift, heal and empower you just by having this piece on your wall. The colours and symbols I use bring your physical and energetic body into a greater, balance, harmony and alignment. Ideal locations for any piece of Love Art is your bedroom, living room, office or any other room where you spend most of the day. The smaller A5 prints are perfect for sacred altars etc. This is a high quality art print of my original hand drawn mixed media painting. Part of the Power of Love Art Collection A3 paper print size is approximately 29.7 x 42.0cm Other dimensions are available upon request.. If you would like another size, please give me a message

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