Original Canvas – The Sacred Golden Yantra


I created this magical canvas around the Sacred Sites of England including Glastonbury Tor, Wood Henge and Avesbury in 2013 over Summer Solstice! It was such a powerful time and the canvas radiates that amazing frequency. Positive changes will occur in your life just by having this on your wall 🙂


THIS IS A POWERFUL ENERGETIC PIECE OF ART MADE WITH LOTS OF LOVE… It harmonises any environment you put it in! It provides such a powerful energy and optimism which helps to eliminate stress. It has an influence on a deeper level of your consciousness to uplift, heal and empower you just by having this piece on your wall. The colours and symbols I use bring your physical and energetic body into a greater, balance, harmony and alignment. Ideal locations for any piece of Love Art is your bedroom, living room, office or any other room where you spend most of the day. The smaller A5 prints are perfect for sacred altars etc.

This piece contains the Language of Light – Sacred Geometry which is the fundamental structure of creation.. It can be used as a tool for self healing, energising and co-creation. It has the power to transform your life in a great way! It will recharge your system so you don’t run down and by seeing it in your life every day you will start to tap into the life force of creation!!

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