How to Crystallise and Re Structure Your Water In 4 Simple Steps

How to Crystallise and Re Structure Your Water In 4 Simple Steps

Hey loves,

So I thought I would share with you what I do to re-structure my water…

First thing first, why should you crystallise or re-structure your water?

Well it is much better for your body as you are 80%+ water so it really matters what water you put into you!


Here are the 3 Simple Steps to Crystallising your water:

1. Gather your crystals you will be using. Whether you are buying your crystals online or they have been gifted to you, I suggest you use a quartz crystal like amethyst or rose quartz is beautiful! Be careful what crystal you use as not all crystals can be put in water because they will dissolve.

2. Cleanse and Program your crystals. Pre-cleanse and program your crystals as this will clear all previous energies. You can program your crystal with any good intention just by thinking about it and transferring that thought form to the crystal.

3. Write words of Love, gratitude and happiness on your glass water bottle (glass is so much better than plastic)

4. Fill up your water bottle with water (distilled is best) and add your crystal/s then leave over 24 hours to restructure the water.


And there you have it, your yummy crystallised re-structured water!!

For more information check out this video I filmed of me speaking about crystallising your water and the benefits.

heart-2767182Enjoy love heart-2767182


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