How Love Art Can Heal Your Mind, Body and Spirit

How Love Art Can Heal Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Love Art is not just your average piece of Art to hang on your wall but its a tool you can use to heal yourself in many different ways. In this post I will be outlining the main facts about how Love Art affects and effects you.

First things first: What is Love Art? Love is something that I create by hand drawing and painting special designs with magical intentions as well as several different factors too.

How Love Art Can Heal You Emotionally..

“Many students of Aristotle, forerunners to modern medical and scientific thought, were engulfed in the study of colour and light with regard to energetic healing.”

Life itself is colour and because of this colour can aurally prolong life by curing imbalances in our aura/emotional body. Colour effects us in many different ways because the type of colour resonates with our energy centres aka Chakras. Most Love Art pieces are full with colour as just by seeing the spectrum of light (or the rainbow) it creates a healing effect in your emotions and body.

For Example:

This is a piece of Love Art I created with in the intention of the viewer feeling a loving emotion and really feeling loved. If you think about what that loving emotions does for us, it makes us feel that we are supported by someone and cared about – this is so important! Without this feeling in our lives we can be reckless.

How Love Art Can Heal You Mentally..

“Symbols are the language of the Subconscious Mind”

Love Art is able to re wire or re program your subconscious mind in a very simple way. As our mind speaks in images and symbols, they have such a powerful effect on us – even if we are not fully aware. I design Love Art with special ancient universal symbols and your subconscious mind actually knows what they mean on an internal level. These symbols tap into the hidden power of the mind and can unlock higher states of consciousness.

For Example:

I created this piece the called 12 Strand DNA Activation.. I designed it with the intention to activate our 12 Strand DNA so we can unlock our fullest potential and become our greatest version. There is several symbols in this piece that speaks to your subconscious mind for example the spiral in the centre is a universal symbol of growth, evolution and change. And the 12 pointed Star which is symbolic of our 12 Strand DNA. To find out more about this piece you can watch this video of me here explaining it on more detail

How Love Art Can Heal You Physically..

“A study from the University of Westminster found that participants’ stress levels decreased after a lunchtime visit to an art gallery.”

Not only is Art able to drop our stress levels in our bodies but it also helps to bring balance and harmony to our brain as well as giving us a Dopamine dose of that pleasurable feel good chemical!

If you haven’t noticed I use a lot of geometry and Sacred geometry in LoveArt – I love it! Geometry is super powerful and helps us in synchronising the right and left sides of our brain so both hemispheres works in harmony. By balancing both sides of the brain allows it to work in sync, making communication of thoughts, information and responses more effortless, efficient and coherent.

Take for example this piece of Love Art…

I have called this powerful piece the Geometry Of Love, the composition and symmetry of this piece really blows my mind 🙂 Just by looking and meditating with this piece or any symmetrical Art you will fell more balanced in yourself. Our brain loves to see symmetry for some reason! To find the meaning of this epic piece of Love Art, you can watch the video of me explain it to you here

“Symmetry is so integral to the way the universe works that Albert Einstein used it as a guiding principle when he devised his General Theory of Relativity”

How Love Art Can Heal You Spiritually..

“The ancients believed that the experience of Sacred Geometry was essential to the education of the soul as it is the genesis of all form”

The Sacred Geometry in LoveArt has many powerful healing benefits. It holds patterns and activation codes that are very symbolic to our own inner realm and delicate structure of awareness. It gives us a deeper understanding and connection to all life, Your Higher Self and Divine Source. LoveArt will help you spiritually advance, progress and transform bringing you into higher energy frequencies.

For Example:

Take this piece of LoveArt which is filled with fractal Sacred Geometry which is the blueprint of Creation and helps us to understand this reality we are in. Just by having some powerful Sacred Geometry LoveArt in your life, you will feel more connection to Divine Spirit and everyone around you. This can totally change your perspective and in turn your life as remembering the fact that we are ONE and all connected as this is one of the secrets that Sacred Geometry holds..

Remember…A well chosen, colourful piece of art will not only transform any room but also can create great healing for yourself by bringing a new perspective and higher vibrations to you and the space. So next time you buy a piece of LoveArt don’t forget its a powerful tool!!

 About the Author:

Francesca is an international Love Artist that travels around the world painting and spreading the Love. She has studied and always had a passion for Art. Francesca is a leading artist in the Sacred Geometry field, bring Science and Art together.. Changing the way people look at Art forever.


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