5 Easy Natural Ways To Increase Dopamine and Why It’s Important

5 Easy Natural Ways To Increase Dopamine and Why It’s Important

Dopamine is all about pleasure, it’s that feel good chemical or neurotransmitter that is produced in several areas of the brain. It’s a crucial element in the function of the central nervous system and linked with the brains complex system of motivation and reward.. although it does have a few different functions as well.

In Sweden, 1952 the discovery of dopamine as a distant neurotransmitter was made. Dopamine is also a member of the same family as adrenaline and noradrenaline.
Dopamine helps the body function smoothly so decline in this powerful neurotransmitter has been linked with Parkin’s disease – which is having issues with the central nervous system.
Dopamine is used by the nerve cells to send “messages” therefore when your dopamine levels are very low the nerve impulses or messages cannot be sent properly and can impair brain functions like attention, behaviour, learning, mood, movement, cognition and sleep.

We need Dopamine in our lives thats for sure! But how often do we check in with our Dopamine levels? Do you get your Dopamine dose everyday?

Anyways here are 5 Easy Natural Ways to Increase Your Dopamine Levels:

1. Exercise – Increases blood calcium that stimulates dopamine release in your brain

2. Anti-oxidants – Reduces free radical damage to the brain cells that produce dopamine

3. Love Art – Art that you love to look at has been shown to release high levels of Dopamine in your brain every time you see it.

4. Proper Sleep – Having enough sleep giver the brain time to recharge its stores of neurotransmitters

5. Get a Healthy routine – Having enough time to work and play in our lives is needed. By sticking with healthy routines and rituals also by cutting the stress out it will increase our Dopamine levels

So Dopamine allows us to have feeling of self confidence, bliss, joy, pleasure, europhia as well as drive, focus, motivation and concentration. By enjoying these wonderful feelings in our lives we are able to raise our selves higher and advance in every way possible whereby creating the life of our dreams.

Take action and increase your dopamine levels today by applying one or more (the more the better!) ways above into your life and begin to create and live the life of your dreams!!

 About the Author:

Francesca is an international Love Artist that travels around the world painting and spreading the Love. She has studied and always had a passion for Art. Francesca is a leading artist in the Sacred Geometry field, bring Science and Art together.. Changing the way people look at Art forever.


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